Frequently Asked Questions

List of some most asked questions and their answers you need to know.

What is HTML5ISM?
HTML5ISM is a collection of high quality Creative Commons-licensed CSS, HTML, HTML5 and responsive site templates for free download. Our goal is to help HTML5 beginners by providing them user-friendly coded site templates. Learn HTML with ease!.
What is CSS?
Cascading Style Sheets better knows as CSS is a style sheet language that is use to define format of a document. The colors, amazing elements you see on a webpage are all result of perfect CSS codes.
What is HTML?
Hypertext markup language, better known as HTML is a standardized language used to create web pages. Every website on internet somehow uses HTML on every web page they create.
What is a Responsive Template?
A responsive template is a technique that is to optimize webpages in such a way that they provide optimal viewing and interactive user experiance. Easy reading, navigation, scrolling through a big range of devices like desktop monitors, laptops, smartphones etc.
I am Newbie, where to Learn HTML and CSS?
Learning HTML could is simple but could take days to perfect, so to get started start your HTML training today.